iFlipz Features

Engage, Expand & Inform your Audience

iFlipz Digital Publications - transforming static documents into interactive 'page turning' digital editions that you can easily share with clients, prospects and partners.  


Multiplatform Support including iPad, iPhone & Android Devices

iFlipz supports the latest HTML5 standard bringing a rich browsing experience to your publications. Publications are easily readable across all major platforms including iPhones, Androids, iPads, Tablets, E-Readers and Desktop; and are SEO friendly.

Low Cost, Interactive Marketing for Social Media, Websites, Email & Blog

Send iFlipz digital brochures to your email database, circulate them on twitter and other social media, or embed them into your website or blog. Digital brochures are flexible, innovative, engaging and better still; low cost and, optionally, can include YouTube, Vimeo and other interactive media.

Professional High Quality Design & Copywriting

With digital publications created by iFlipz choose from a range of attractive, pre-designed backgrounds and skins or get us to design an exclusive one just for you. If you don’t have artwork - look no further! Our experienced team of professional designers and copywriters can produce your publication from concept to publication.

Share your Digital Brochures Offline

With iFlipz we can create a self-running off-line version of your digital brochure, as a PC .exe file or a MAC .app file, so you can distribute your publication on CD, DVD or flash-drive; perfect for Sales & Marketing brochures used with conferences, exhibitions and more.

Share your Digital Brochures via Social Networks

With iFlipz you can send publications instantly by e-mail, or share them via popular social networks including facebook, twitter, linkedIn and more. Optionally you can allow readers to do the same. All iFlipz publications also include a free ‘sign up for email alerts’ form; helping you grow your list.

Digital Brochures are optimised for Search Engines

iFlipz publications are search engine-friendly and include full search facilities. All publications are allocated a dedicated web address (yourname.iflipz.com) and content is automatically indexed by popular search engines so that it can be found quickly by prospective readers.

Intuitive Zooming and Page Turning

iFlipz includes high-quality magnification features, enabling your readers to zoom in on desired photos and print with exceptional quality. Realistic page turn animations can be varied according to preference.

Text Search within your Digital Brochure

Our indexing and search algorithms make the search process easier and faster; even within very large publications. Optionally include a table of contents to improve navigation through the document.

Google Web Analytics Support

Track and measure the performance of your publication by linking it directly to your Google Analytics account – providing a wealth of statistics for you to examine.

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